Right now, the most interesting thing you can do is check out my LinkedIn. You’ll see my resume, and what I’m reading.

I want to respect Academic Integrity for my past classwork, so most of my GitHub stuff is private. However, I will clean up and post some of the group projects and final individual projects I like. Or perhaps even post code snippets / jupyter html and talk about my choices on here! I love writing, and look forward to centering my thoughts.

As for my work, I think it would be cool to share renderings and tricky machinist drawings I made, and have gotten permission to do so, but they all say “CONFIDENTIAL” on them so I’ll send copies over just to check.

I used to be pretty well known on LEGO Mindstorms forums, and have ancient portfolio work for that and FIRST Robotics Competition stuff. Frankly, when I first started at Applied I was disappointed that production designs did not need to get as complex. Idealistic as I was, finding problems and perspectives that transcended obvious solutions became my overarching goal during my time there. If I were to do things differently, I would have taken the hints to track the amazing value they all created and use it as leverage for my career. I definitely could have made more money and upgraded my title. But, I did optimize for integrity and great reputation, fun legacy, and scratched the limits of boutique mechanical system design. It made me realize that I want to represent the nuance I cared about with math, and implement it in multiple problem spaces with open hands through generative design.


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